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Founded in 2008 by Williams Wang in Ningbo China Xingbang started as a pure trading enterprise Focus originally was on PVC additives from the overseas to suit the needs of the China domestic PVC finished and semi finished products Since then the company constantly expanded to the today s Scales In 2019 Xingbang s turnover is 20 million US dollars Xingbang carries on the original and still core business in PVC field But today Xingbang is not only invloved in the traditional Chemical and plastic addtives but also we are expanding our business to include the most user friendly non hazardous products in the industry and hold ourselves to the highest quality standards ensuring that our products...

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Reinforcement Furnace BlackAll-purpose Plasticizer for Vinylspolybutylene adipate terephthalateInjection Molding Applications PLANatural Resistance to Staining PLAValidated Low Carbon Footprint PLAAlways Act in a Responsible MannerEnvironmental Friendly PlasticizerFocus on Long-term Earnings GrowthAntioxidants for Profile ExtrusionHigh Level of Efficacy AntioxidantBlowing Agents for Foam ProductionStabilizers for Organic SubstratesPolyols for Non-yellowing CoatingsHigh Phosphorus Content StabilizerFire Retardants for Knife CoatingsMultiple Non-ionic Fire RetardantsDesiccant for PE Profile ExtrusionAntimicrobials for Sheet ExtrusionPolyols for Solvent-borne CoatingsAminic Antioxidants Heat Resistancebiodegradable and non-biodegradableImported Premium Antifoaming AgentsNitrocellulose Coatings AuxiliariesWater-soluble Synthetic Polymer PVABio-Degradable Industrial LubricantUnion Carbide Silane Coupling AgentLight Stabilizers Exhibits Low OdorFlame Retardant for Sheet ExtrusionPla for Food and Beverage PackagingCustomer Needs Oriented DistributorImported Premium White Carbon BlackWe Patent Protection for InnovationHigher Molecular Weight PlasticizerFuel Additive Intermediates ESO/ELOBiocompatibility Thermoplastic TPUsDiscoloration Resistant AntioxidantFire Retardants Without CarcinogensStabilizer for Engineering PlasticsFire Retardants for Textile FabricsExxonmobil Halogenated Butyl RubberStrong Internal Lubrication OPE WAXProcessing Aids for Sheet ExtrusionCooperate with Universities at HomeImported Premium Cellulosic EthanolNon-aromatic Isosorbide PlasticizerPHA for Rapidly Print Rigid ObjectsHigh Sense of Social ResponsibilityMoisture-proof Coatings PlasticizerFire Retardant for Office FurnitureExtensive FDA Clearances StabilizerPlasticizer for Rubber and PlasticsResistance to Mold Triethyl CitratePlasticizer for PVC Medical DevicesGood Durability Isosorbide-based PCExcellent Flexibilizing PlasticizersPVA Primary and Secondary DispersantPVA Cellulose Derivative 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Nonwovens and FibreImported Bio-Based Plastic AdditivesBiodegradable Isosorbide PlasticizerIntermediate Petrochemical Products.105 Degree Heat-resistant Cable TOTMPlasticizer for Elastomeric SealantsCommercial Chemical Flame RetardantsSurface Modification Flame RetardantFood Contact Acetyl Tributyl CitrateCarbon Fiber and Glass Fiber PrepregHelp Customers and Suppliers SucceedEssentially Non-volatile AntioxidantDeliver Superior Shareholder ReturnsExcellent External Lubricity OPE WAXImported Premium Nonionic SurfactantBiodegradable Packaging Materials PHAAcetyltri-n-butyl Citrate PlasticizerFire Retardant for Hospital FurnitureExcellent Pigment Wetting PlasticizerImparting Good Permanence to LacquersFlame Retardant for Profile ExtrusionPoly Hydroxyalkanoic Acid PlasticizerVinyl Acrylic Monomer Fire RetardantsVertellus Rubber Polymers PlasticizerBio-based Low-temperature PlasticizerBio-based Rubber Polymers PlasticizerGood Resistance to Sunlight and OzonePolyols for High Performance CoatingsMultifunctional Water-soluble PolymerPVA for Oil Well Cementing OperationsProcessing Aids for Profile ExtrusionAdapt to Large Temperature DifferenceGood Thermo-regulating Properties PLAIdeal Alternative to Sulfurized LardsBio-Based Scavengers Of Mineral AcidsBio-based Plasticizer for Epoxy ResinBiodegradable Aliphatic Polyester PBSCalcium Carbonate For Breathable FilmComply with Iso-9001 Quality StandardPreserve Color Thioester AntioxidantsAdhesiveness and Water Resistance DBPNon-toxic PVC Granulation PlasticizerEnvironmentally Friendly PVC ProductsVertellus Polyols for Reactive ResinsForward-looking Products and ServicesSynthesis Intermediate in the FlavorsBlowing Agents for Injection MouldingStabilizers for General-purpose CableComposite Performance Flame RetardantImported Premium Ampholytic SurfactantAgrochemicals Bio-Based N-HeptaldehydeFlame Retardant for Injection MouldingBio-based Hydroxystearate PlasticizersAnti-mold Tributyl Citrate PlasticizerHigh-performance Plastic 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MarketExcellent Electrical Properties PlasticizerFire Retardants for Cotton Polyester BlendsCoalescent Tailored for Eco-friendly PaintsBio-Based Plasticizer for Milling LubricantNon-discoloring Under Gas Fading ConditionsGood Optical Properties Isosorbide-based PCPolyhydroxyalkanoates Developed Using BeetsMicroencapsulated Inorganic Flame RetardantExcellent Volatility Resistance PlasticizerRubber Polymers Low-temperature PlasticizerInternational Financial Reporting StandardsBio-based Plasticizers for Synthetic ResinsBio-based Plasticizer for Polyvinyl ButyralStable and Not Volatile Tricresyl PhosphatePhosphite Antioxidants Peroxide DecomposersProduct Performance Through DifferentiationLight Stabilizer for Agricultural ChemicalsLong-term Partnerships Chemical DistributorBio-based Linear Polypropylene Ether PolyolExcellent Extraction Resistance PlasticizerEfficient Plasticizer Having Low VolatilityBio-based Plasticizer for Natural ElastomersEnsuring Safe Transport Chemical DistributorBased on Leading Technology Flame RetardantsHigh Heat-resistant Calcium-zinc StabilizersImerys Calcium Carbonate for Breathable FilmBio-based All-purpose Plasticizer for VinylsHeat Aging Protection Thioester AntioxidantsPrinting Inks Additive Tributyl TrimellitateCastor Polyols for Polyurethane FormulationsLow-VOC Plasticizer for Waterborne AdhesivesHydrophobic and Crystalline Enabling PolyolsSelf-Catalytic Polyols For Spray ApplicationCellulosic Derivatives Bio-based PlasticizerOutstanding Plasticizer for Polyvinyl ButyralPlasticizer for Waterborne Latex ApplicationsImported Polyol for Low-solvent PolyurethanesBio-based Plasticizers for Polyvinyl ChlorideBiodegradable Imported Premium Bio-based HDPELight Stabilizers for Automotive ApplicationsFire Retardants Compatible with Latex SystemsStabilizer Enables Plastics to Retain GreaterPlasticizers for Natural and Synthetic ResinsVinyl Resins Furniture Upholstery PlasticizerMainstream Environmental Friendly PlasticizerOpen Innovation Strategy Chemical DistributorAcetyl Triethyl Citrate Fixative for PerfumesMarine & Water Resistant Coatings PlasticizerBio-based Butyl Acetyl Ricinoleate PlasticizerBio-based All-purpose Plasticizer for LacquersHigh Performance Precision Chemical ComponentsOutstanding Moisture Management Properties PLAInternational First-class Chemical DistributorNew Crystallization Technique Titanium DioxideAntioxidants Protect Polymers from DegradationBio-based Plasticizer for Synthetic ElastomersPrimary Antioxidants with Low Color GenerationBEST After-sales Services Chemical DistributorPLA for Building and Construction ApplicationsTin Stabilizers for Flexible Polyurethane FoamReduced Emissions Antioxidant for PolyurethaneRigid Bioplastics Aliphatic Polycarbonates ApcFire Retardant for Transport Vehicle InteriorsTin Stabilizers for Injection Molding ProductsPlasticizers Tailored for Polysulfide SealantsSemi-durable Organic Phosphate Fire RetardantsProvides Excellent Long Term Thermal StabilityGood Cooperation with International EnterprisesCommonly Used Plasticizer Tributyl TrimellitatePlasticizer for Cyanoacrylate Medical AdhesivesFlame Retardant for Multi-blend Textile FabricsFood Contact Dicyclohexyl Phthalate AuxiliariesLow Temperature Rubber Compounds Processing AidFocus on Improving Efficiency and ProfitabilityCalcium-zinc Stabilizers for Highly Dense CableAminic Antioxidants Preserve Surface PropertiesTin Stabilizers for Heat-resistant PVC ProductsOn-going Technical Support Chemical DistributorHonest and Loyalty Partner Chemical DistributorPlasticizer for Flexible Nitrocellulose LacquersMigration Resistant Tributyl Citrate PlasticizerPlasticizer for Low Temperature Rubber CompoundsExplosion-proof Ventilation System and EquipmentPurchasing Collaborates with Suppliers WorldwideAminic Antioxidants Preserve Physical PropertiesProcessing and Cost Efficiency Light StabilizersSubstantially Higher Hydrolytic Stability PolyolsBio-Based Plasticizer for Cellulose Acetate FilmsVertellus Plasticizer for Nitrocellulose LacquersBio-based Plasticizer for Nitrocellulose LacquersAntioxidants for Oxidation-prone Organic PolymersLight Stabilizers Neutralize Harmful UV RadiationCovestro Trifunctional Polypropylene Ether PolyolPlasticizers for Natural and Synthetic ElastomersBio-based and Bio-degradable Industrial LubricantMeat Packagings Dicyclohexyl Phthalate PlasticizerWeather Resistance Technology for Plastic ProductsReactive High Performance Chlorine Flame RetardantLight Stabilizers Offers Excellent Gloss RetentionPlasticizers Particularly Recommended for CoatingsLight Stabilizers Offers Excellent Color RetentionBio-based Lubricant-plasticizer Methyl RicinoleateCoalescent Tailored for Ultra-low-VOC Applications
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